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Business Week is a weekly magazine on business and finance published since 1929. The magazine is very useful to the people of the business and corporate world as its contents are rich in news and analysis of the economy at the various corners of the globe. The main competitors of the magazine are Forbes and Fortune.
One of the most interesting aspects of Business Week magazine is ranking of the MBA courses in USA and it got very good response among the aspiring candidates and the human resource managers. A few years ago, they have also started doing ranking of undergraduate business programs. The magazine is published by McGraw-Hill since inception. The ranking of the different business schools has really made the magazine a unique one among the readers. Many people buy Business Week just for this section only.
In the year 2005, the magazine stopped its European and Asian edition, claiming that they will go for a worldwide single edition. The magazine has different categories which include finance, technology, innovation, management, small business and global. Each of the sections has been divided into further subsections and there is vivid description of almost every sector of the economy.

The finance section deals with many subsections and gives an informative guide on the stock market and also the various sectors where an individual can invest. The section is useful to those people who are very much interested in investing in stock or commodities market. After getting some idea by reading these subsections, an investor can plan his investments in a proper way.

The sector wise analysis in this section is very crucial to those persons who are actively involved in stock market investments and make their living out of it. The ups and downs of the stock market are properly analyzed and we all know that such type of industry specific information is very much vital for the people who need it most.
The Business Week magazine not only caters to the big fishes, but there is also a section dedicated to the small business persons. The problems and news on the small businesses are also widely covered in that section. The news from the different parts of the world are also widely covered and as the business scenario is becoming global, information on developments from other parts of the world have become very crucial for making local business plans and decisions.
The magazine redesigned itself in October 2007 and that too after a long gap of four years. The cover page is quite glossy and the pictures published are also eye catching. Decision was made to focus more on global business news and the section Executive Lifestyle was dropped from the editorial section. Let us see how the new management can lead this prestigious magazine into the future.

The Business Week articles range from company profiles and interviews of men and women from the world of business to success and failure of different companies at large. One can gain a lot of knowledge of running a business by reading those interviews.


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