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O, The Oprah Magazine

O: The Oprah Magazine, which is denoted by the short abbreviated form ‘O’ is founded by Oprah Winfrey and published by Hearst Corporation. The magazine was first launched in April 2000. Over the next few years it became so popular that the circulation reached more than 2.7 million.

The content of O, The Oprah Magazine is entirely based upon the women related issues. The magazine wants to target the middle class to upper class women who are seeking better and meaningful ways to improve their lifestyle in all aspects.  It mainly highlights different social and psychological problems that women go through their life. The magazine helps them to learn how to tackle different circumstances in the life with optimistic approach. It is a true friend, philosopher cum guide to every American woman. Irrespective of stay home mothers to top notch career woman, the magazine appeals to everyone.

The O magazine touches on various aspects like beauty tips, interior decoration, self growth, fashion etc. If you are a reader of this wonderful magazine you will be immensely benefitted with the career guide they provide to the readers. This is a complete resource of informative articles that you need with every passing day. Get various useful tips on health and fitness on each issue of this magazine. If you love life is on the verge, then you can definitely solve the problem more competently with Oprah’s wise advice.

It brings you the latest worldly or political matters too. The magazine surely knows how to attract its women readers with the content. It is overall very entertaining and you can enjoy reading this magazine in your spare time. A large number of American women who are regular office goers get very little time to watch television. Hence most of the time they miss the Oprah show which is telecasted on TV. O, The Oprah Magazine facilitates them to get plenty of useful tips and information without watching the show on TV. The heartfelt advice which the magazine publishes can change a person’s life entirely and make it more beautiful. If you are regularly bullied by office politics then learn how to cope up with such situation without getting unnerved. Make your career more successful and achieve the dream of your life, which is the main aim of the magazine.

The layout and graphics which are used in the magazine are simply great. The magazine used to publish exclusive photos of Oprah on every cover page. But in April, 2009 the trend was broken for the first time. Oprah shared the cover page with the First Lady Michelle Obama. For the second time in 2009 December issue she shared the cover with fellow daytime host Ellen DeGeneres.

Every month the magazine comes with a small souvenir. Usually each month’s theme is printed on one side of the card. You can put it on the mirror or fridge or just give it away to your friends.  The advertisements in the magazine are also very classy and do full justice to the magazine’s overall image


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  1. Martha Beck and Katie Goodman are hilarious in this video they made called “World’s Worst Life Coach.” Thought you might enjoy it!

    Comment by katiegoodman1 | March 9, 2011 | Reply

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